To power India’s leading social media platform, ShareChat needs to deliver impressive performance at rapidly-increasing scale – but without rapidly-increasing cost. With 180M monthly active users expecting real-time engagement with 2.5B posts per month, having the right database implementation is essential.

Hear how Geetish Nayak, Staff Engineer/Architect - Platforms at ShareChat modernized the database powering their services to stay ahead of these challenges. Geetish will share the strategies they applied to improve performance 3-5x while reducing costs 50-80%. You will learn:

  • About their technical challenges related to supporting new locations, debugging, and performance at scale
  • What NoSQL capabilities were most critical for preparing their data architecture for the company’s next level of growth
  • How they measured the impact of their NoSQL migration, and what they have achieved so far
  • Best Practices that ShareChat followed when adopting ScyllaDB



geetish nayakGeetish Nayak
Staff Engineer/Architect — Platforms at ShareChat

Geetish Nayak is currently Staff Engineer/Architect - Platforms at ShareChat. He has 10 years of experience – previously in engineering roles at Intuit and LucidWorks and also as a co-founder of Graphiti Inc. Geetish holds a master’s degree in Information Systems from Carnegie Mellon (Pittsburgh).