Most databases are based on architectures that pre-date advances to modern hardware. This results in performance issues, the need to overprovision, and a high total cost of ownership. In this webinar we will discuss the advances to modern server technology and take a deep dive into Scylla’s shard-per-core architecture and our asynchronous engine, the Seastar framework.

Join us to learn how Seastar (and Scylla):.

  • Avoid locks and contention on the CPU level
  • Bypass kernel bottlenecks
  • Implement its per-core shared-nothing autosharding mechanism
  • Utilize modern storage hardware
  • Leverage NUMA to get the best RAM performance
  • Balance your data across CPUs and nodes for best and smoothest performance

Plus we’ll cover the advantages of unlocking vertical scalability.



Avishai Shalom.jpeg
Avishai Ish-Shalom, Developer Advocate at ScyllaDB
“In a world where anything has an API, everything is a software problem.” This insight has guided Avishai Ish-Shalom throughout his diverse career working on improving the complex socio-technical systems that create an operate modern software and promoting the use of Mathematics in system design and operations. Spending 15 years in various software fields and capacities, Avishai served as Engineer in Residence in Aleph VC and engineering manager at, co-founded Fewbytes, and consulted with many other companies on software operations, reliability, design and culture.

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