Learn about major architectural shifts that enable new levels of elasticity and operational simplicity

ScyllaDB just launched the first release featuring our new “tablets” architecture. Tablets builds upon a multiyear project to re-architect our legacy ring architecture. Our metadata is now fully consistent, thanks to the assistance of the Raft consensus protocol. Together, these changes enable new levels of elasticity, speed, simplicity, and efficiency. Data is dynamically redistributed as the workload and topology evolve. New nodes can be spun up in parallel and start adapting to the load in near real-time.

Join ScyllaDB Co-founder Dor Laor to learn what this new approach means for:

  • Rapidly responding to traffic spikes without overprovisioning
  • Performing safe, concurrent, fast bootstrapping
  • Simplifying cluster administration (e.g., cleanup, repair, tombstone garbage collection)
  • Increasing efficiency and eliminating overprovisioning



Speaker photo

Dor Laor
CEO and Co-Founder

Speaker photo

Felipe Cardeneti Mendes
Solutions Architect