Get access to our series of 3 deep dives on new features and capabilities in ScyllaDB V, the latest evolution of our monstrously fast and scalable NoSQL database.ScyllaDB V delivers innovations for extreme scale for new levels of performance, safety, resilience, and elasticity.

These sessions are hosted by the engineers who designed and implemented the features.

We’re kicking off the series of ScyllaDB V deep dives with a focus on performance. First, we’ll explore the new IO model and scheduler, which provide fine-tuned balancing of read/write requests based on your disk’s capabilities. This boosts throughput, reduces latency, and minimizes the impact of admin operations like scaling out. Then, we’ll look at how ScyllaDB’s close-to-the-hardware design taps the full power of high-performance cloud computing instances such as the new EC2 I4i instances. Attendees will get a sneak peek at benchmarks comparing ScyllaDB 4.4 on AWS i3.4xl vs. ScyllaDB 5.0 on the new AWS i4.4xl.

Presented by Pavel Emelyanov, Principal Software Engineer at ScyllaDB 

ScyllaDB’s implementation of the Raft consensus protocol translates to strong, immediately consistent schema updates, topology changes, tables and indexes, and more. This eliminates schema and data conflicts, enables rapid and safe increases in cluster capacity, and provides a leap forward in manageability. Join this webinar to learn how the Raft consensus algorithm has been implemented, what you can do with it today, and what radical new capabilities it will enable in the days ahead.

Presented by Kostja Osipov, Director, Software Engineering at ScyllaDB 

Rust and Wasm are both perfect for ScyllaDB’s obsession with high performance and low latency. With ScyllaDB V, we’re introducing a fully asynchronous Rust driver. This will be the core code unifying our drivers, with language bindings to C, C++ and Python. Additionally, we allow users to create UDFs by providing source code in WebAssembly Text Format. Join this webinar to hear our engineers’ insights on how Rust and Wasm work with ScyllaDB and how you can benefit from them.

Presented by Piotr Sarna, Principal Software Engineer at ScyllaDB