Technical risks of putting a cache in front of your database– and what to do instead

Teams experiencing subpar latency commonly turn to an external cache to meet the required SLAs. Placing a cache in front of your database might seem like a fast and easy fix, but it often ends up introducing unanticipated complexity, costs, and risks. External caches can be one of the more problematic components of distributed application architecture.

Join this webinar for a technical discussion of the risks associated with using an external cache and a look at how ScyllaDB’s cache implementation simplifies your architecture without compromising latency. We’ll cover:

  • Different approaches to caching (pre-caching vs. caching, side cache vs. transparent cache)
  • 7 specific reasons why external caching ia a bad choice
  • Why Linux’s default caching doesn’t work well for databases
  • The advantages & architecture of ScyllaDB's specialized row-based cache
  • Real-world examples of why and how teams eliminated their external cache with ScyllaDB



Speaker photo

Felipe Cardeneti Mendes
Solutions Architect, ScyllaDB

Speaker photo

Tomasz Grabiec
Software Engineer, ScyllaDB