With the increasing complexity of modern distributed systems, concerns around latency, availability, and consistency have become almost 'universal'. In response, a new generation of distributed databases is taking over: databases capable of harnessing the power and capabilities of the multi-cloud ecosystem. This new generation of distributed databases is challenging many of the traditional tradeoffs between relational and non-relational models.

This webinar will explore the technologies and trends behind this new generation of distributed databases, then take a technical deep dive into one example: the open source non-relational database ScyllaDB. ScyllaDB was built specifically for extreme low latencies, but has recently increased consistency by implementing the Raft consensus protocol. Engineers will share how they are implementing a low-latency architecture, and how strongly consistent topology and schema changes enable highly reliable and safe systems, without sacrificing low-latency characteristics.


Speaker Bios

Konstantin Osipov, Software Team Lead at ScyllaDB
Kostja is a well-known expert in the DBMS world, spending most of his career developing open-source DBMS including Tarantool and MySQL. At ScyllaDB his focus is transaction support and synchronous replication.
Tzach Livyatan, VP of Product at ScyllaDB
Tzach has a B.A. and MSc in Computer Science and has had a long year career in development, system engineering and product management.

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