Patience with Apache Cassandra’s volatile latencies was wearing thin at Rakuten, a global online retailer serving 1.5B worldwide members. The Rakuten Catalog Platform team architected an advanced data platform – with Cassandra at its core – to normalize, validate, transform, and store product data for their global operations. However, while the business was expecting this platform to support extreme growth with exceptional end-user experiences, the team was battling Cassandra’s instability, inconsistent performance at scale, and maintenance overhead. So, they decided to migrate.

Watch this webinar to hear a firsthand account of:

  • How specific Cassandra challenges were impacting the team and their product
  • How they determined whether migration would be worth the effort
  • What processes they used to evaluate alternative databases
  • What their migration required from a technical perspective
  • Strategies (and lessons learned) for your own database migration


Speaker bio

hitesh shah
Hitesh Shah, Engineering Manager, Rakuten
Hitesh is a passionate engineering leader with extensive experience predominantly with SF Bay area-based tech companies, with solid depth in development as well as operations. Lately, he has focused on distributed systems with dynamically scalable platforms on Cloud Computing environments.

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