Understanding and Optimizing the Database’s Role in Streaming Entertainment

Behind every seamless and engaging viewing experience is a great database design. But what this actually means varies wildly. Databases are used for a range of media streaming use cases – each with distinctly different workloads and requirements.

And then there are the challenges that span use cases. Pressure to keep costs and latencies down as usage rises. Dealing with unpredictable intra-day traffic fluctuations as well as major events with hundreds of millions of users. And removing dependencies on databases that were easy to adopt, but not sustainable at scale.

Watch as we explore these topics using real-world examples. You’ll learn:

  • The role databases play in common media streaming use cases
  • The core challenges faced in media streaming, along with different options for addressing them
  • What’s changing in the media streaming landscape and how this might impact databases



Speaker photo

Felipe Cardeneti Mendes
Solutions Architect

Speaker photo

Noelly Medina
Technical Support Team Leader