Getting the Most out of Database Concurrency

Having a database that’s capable of high concurrency is one thing, but actually tapping all that potential concurrency is another. Fortunately, Optimizely Engineering has developed practical strategies that can help other teams.

Learn how Optimizely Engineering takes full advantage of the high concurrency that’s possible with their NoSQL database, ScyllaDB – while also guaranteeing correctness and protecting the quality of service. Brian Taylor, Principal Software Engineer, will offer a technical deep dive on:

  • Understanding concurrency and its impact on throughput and latency
  • Closed loop load testing, open loop load testing & the Universal Scaling Law
  • The type of load testing you should be performing for capacity planning
  • How to identify the region where your database can make the best use of concurrency
  • Strategies for optimizing sound concurrency based on your data dependencies



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Brian Taylor
Principal Software Engineer

Speaker photo

Felipe Cardeneti Mendes
Solutions Architect