Learn practical tips for discovering and overcoming performance issues like hot partitions

ScyllaDB has the potential to deliver impressive performance and scalability. The better you understand how it works, the more you can squeeze out of it. But before you squeeze, make sure you know what to monitor!

Watch our experienced Postgres developer work through monitoring and performance strategies that help him understand what mistakes he’s made moving to NoSQL. And learn with him as our database performance expert offers friendly guidance on how to use monitoring and performance tuning to get his sample Rust application on the right track.

This webinar focuses on using monitoring and performance tuning to discover and correct mistakes that commonly occur when developers move from SQL to NoSQL. For example:

  • Common issues getting up and running with the monitoring stack
  • Using the CQL optimizations dashboard
  • Common issues causing high latency in a node
  • Common issues causing replica imbalance
  • What a healthy system looks like in terms of memory
  • Key metrics to keep an eye on

This isn’t “Death-by-Powerpoint.” We’ll walk through problems encountered while migrating a real application from Postgres to ScyllaDB – and try to fix them live as well.



Speaker photo

Felipe Cardeneti Mendes
Solutions Architect

Speaker photo

Tim Koopmans
Senior Director, Product Experience