Jepsen is the de facto standard tool for testing safety and correctness in distributed databases, combining fault injection, generative testing, and sophisticated transactional safety checkers to find concurrency bugs and availability issues. It is a torture test that seeks to identify various errors – from dirty reads to lost update anomalies. Kyle Kingsbury, creator of Jepsen, worked with the ScyllaDB team to identify multiple issues in Scylla's lightweight transactions (LWT) implementation, including split-brain behavior and write loss in healthy clusters.

Tune in to learn about distributed database testing techniques, Scylla’s concurrency properties, Kyle’s deep dive into transaction analysis and how to use Scylla safely. Kyle will talk about the specific issues he found in Scylla, and how the ScyllaDB team addressed them.

A ScyllaDB engineer will also be on hand to answer any questions about our LWT feature and our upcoming migration to Raft.

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Speaker Bio

Kyle Kingsbury
Kyle Kinsbury, Jepsen, Principal
Kyle Kingsbury is a computer safety researcher working as an independent consultant. He's the author of the Riemann monitoring system, the Clojure from the Ground Up introduction to programming, and the Jepsen series on distributed systems correctness. He grills databases in the American Midwest.

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