What is the state of the art of high performance, distributed databases today, and which options are best suited for your own development projects?

The data-intensive applications leading this next tech cycle are typically powered by multiple types of databases and data stores — each satisfying specific needs and often interacting with a broader data ecosystem. Even the very notion of “a database” is evolving as new hardware architectures and methodologies allow for ever-greater capabilities and expectations for horizontal and vertical scalability, performance, and reliability.

In this webinar, ScyllaDB Director of Technology Advocacy Peter Corless will survey the current landscape of distributed database systems and highlight new directions in the industry.

This talk will cover different database and database-adjacent technologies as well as describe their appropriate use cases, patterns and antipatterns with a focus on:

  • Distributed SQL, NewSQL and NoSQL
  • In-memory datastores and caches
  • Streaming technologies with persistent data storage

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Speaker bio

Peter Corless, Director of Technical Advocacy, ScyllaDB
Peter Corless is the Director of Technical Advocacy at ScyllaDB. He listens to users’ stories and discovers wisdom in each to share with other practitioners in the industry at large, whether through blogs or in technical presentations. He occasionally hosts live industry events from webinars to online conferences.

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