Disney+ Hotstar is the fastest growing branch of Disney+. Join Disney+ Hotstar Architect Vamsi Subhash and senior data engineer Balakrishnan Kaliyamoorthy to learn…

  • How Disney+ Hotstar architected their systems to handle massive data loads
  • Why they chose to replace both Redis and Elasticsearch
  • Their requirements for massively scalable data infrastructure and evolving data models
  • How they migrated their data to Scylla Cloud, ScyllaDB’s fully managed NoSQL database-as-a-service, without suffering downtime



Vamsi Subhash Achanta, Architect, Disney+ Hotstar
Architect at Disney+ Hotstar. Previous experience at Flipkart and SSE with a particular interest in Large-Scale Distributed Systems, High throughput systems, Low-latency systems, BigData/Hadoop ecosystem, Algorithms and Problem Solving, Refactoring to clean-code principles..
Balakrishnan Kaliyamoorthy, Senior Data Engineer, Disney+ Hotstar
Balakrishnan Kaliyamoorthy, Senior Data Engineer, Disney+ Hotstar
Senior Data Engineer with nearly 4.5 years of experience in leading, developing and deploying products using cutting edge technology. Warehousing and ETL specialist with good Spark, Hadoop, Kafka and Real time data analyzing experience, with the added experience on Android application and SDK library development.

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