Developers and DevOps teams all rely on effective observability to quickly find and fix issues impacting the performance of their distributed database clusters. Given the wide sea of observability — spanning metrics, logs and traces — you can easily get lost in data. With so much information available, what do you need to monitor first and foremost? How can you best use the available metrics to diagnose and fix issues that emerge?

Join this webinar to learn how observability best practices apply to distributed databases and see how they are put into practice on a sample application. You’ll get both the DBA and developer perspective on diagnosing and fixing subpar database performance in a Twitter-like app using ScyllaDB Monitoring Stack.


Speaker bios

Amnon Heiman, Principal Software Engineer, ScyllaDB
Amnon has 15 years of experience in software development of large scale systems. Previously he worked at Convergin, which was acquired by Oracle. Amnon holds a BA and MSc in Computer Science from the Technion-Machon Technologi Le' Israel and an MBA from Tel Aviv University.
Raouf Chebri, Developer Advocate, ScyllaDB
Raouf Chebri loves to create content that helps developers be more productive. He started his career as a Software Engineer and worked as an Evangelist at Microsoft. Raouf has a Master's degree in Computer Science from the Ecole Supérieure d'Informatique of Algiers and a Master's in Business Administration in Global Management from Arizona State University.

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