Free 2 hour virtual event with hands-on training

Join us for an interactive workshop where we’ll go hands-on to build and interact with high-performance apps using ScyllaDB. This is a great way to discover the NoSQL strategies used by top teams and apply them in a guided, supportive environment. As you go live with some sample applications, you’ll learn about the features and best practices that will enable your own applications to get the most out of ScyllaDB.

This workshop will cover the following:

  • Understanding if your use case is a good fit for ScyllaDB
  • Achieving and maintaining low-latency NoSQL at scale
  • Building high performance applications with ScyllaDB
  • Data modeling, ingestion, and processing with the sample app
  • Navigating key decisions & logistics when getting started with ScyllaDB


9:30-9:35am Indian Standard Time - Welcome

9:35-10:30am Indian Standard Time - ScyllaDB in Action: Core Concepts

10:30am-11:15am Indian Standard Time - The Developer Perspective: How to Model Your Data

11:15-11:30am Indian Standard Time - Hands-on Lab: Working with ScyllaDB

Wednesday, May 29, 2024
9:30am-11:30am Indian Standard Time

Attendee Prerequisite(s): Attendees must be able to join the platform using a Chrome browser and use a web browser to access the Instruqt platform. For the hands-on lab part a ScyllaDB Cloud account is required (sign up for free) as well as a ScyllaDB University account (sign up for free).

There will not be an on-demand version of the workshop.

Meet Your Instructors

Guy Shtub
Guy Shtub
Head of Training

Tim Koopmans
Senior Director Product Experience