Where ScyllaDB Outperforms Aerospike at Scale, and Why

If you’re in need of a high performance NoSQL database built for next generation applications there are a few leading candidates. In this comparison we’ll show how ScyllaDB outperforms Aerospike — using Aerospike’s preferred test method.

This paper will provide you with key insights into ScyllaDB vs. Aerospike with the following:

  • Comparison from the code base on up, and why ScyllaDB’s underlying architecture is fundamentally designed for better scalability and performance
  • Differences in data models, query languages, and storage
  • A ScyllaDB and Aerospike comparison on global deployment, consistency and consensus algorithms
  • A head-to-head performance comparison with a petabyte-scale workload, showing how ScyllaDB can provide up to 40% greater throughput on the same scale cluster

Download the ScyllaDB White Paper

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