ScyllaDB in Action is a practical guide to everything you need to know about ScyllaDB, from your very first queries to running it in a production environment. This book teaches you ScyllaDB the best way—through hands-on examples.

The author, Bo Ingram introduces it this way: “ScyllaDB in Action is the book I desperately wanted years ago…Building a database that easily scales and performs queries quickly and efficiently is a throughline of the book; I want to show you how to build, maintain, and run in production an effective and efficient database.”

This early access preview covers:

  • How working with ScyllaDB compares to working with other databases
  • How ScyllaDB runs in practice and what matters most in real-world deployments
  • How to launch your first cluster, add tables, and run queries
  • How to perform effective data modeling in ScyllaDB


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