ScyllaDB vs CockroachDB – Database Benchmark

The database space has always been a complicated field, with many options and tradeoffs. NoSQL and NewSQL databases expand the capabilities of traditional databases, and today the boundaries are more blurred as new database implementations have proliferated.

In this benchmark, we compare the best of breed in NoSQL, ScyllaDB, versus the best-in-class NewSQL, CockroachDB. The latter represents distributed SQL, a new terminology for the segment that represents not only the SQL API but also relational database model. To provide a fair performance comparison, we relied on the open source Yahoo! Cloud Serving Benchmark (YCSB).

Read this benchmark to discover how:

  • ScyllaDB loaded 10x the data, in less than half the time as CockroachDB.
  • ScyllaDB proved more than 20x more efficient in initial data loading.
  • CockroachDB couldn’t handle 1B keys and crashed several times.
  • Scylla achieved 10x the throughput of CockroachDB at 1/4th the latency.

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Download the database benchmark

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