ScyllaDB on AWS Bare Metal versus Cassandra on AWS Standard

Discover how ScyllaDB squeezes the maximum performance out of AWS i3 Bare Metal Instances, This benchmark compares 4 nodes of ScyllaDB on AWS i3.metal instances against 40 nodes of Cassandra on AWS i3.4xlarge instances.

We did our best to define a workload that reflects real-world conditions users will encounter in AWS i3 production deployments. In this performance benchmark, you will discover how ScyllaDB delivers:

  • Dramatic improvements in reliability through 10X reduction in cluster size
  • Far fewer latency spikes
  • Up to 11X improvement in 99th percentile latency
  • 2.5X reduction in AWS EC2 Bare Metal costs

Read the full benchmark results and methodology to learn how ScyllaDB leverages bare metal to achieve superior performance and cost-effectiveness.

Download the database benchmark

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