Join thousands of your peers at ScyllaDB Summit. It’s free. It’s collaborative. It’s an immersion into how to eliminate tradeoffs between scale, resiliency, low latency, and cost efficiency.

We’ll focus on how market disruptors are powering the data-intensive applications for this next tech cycle using ScyllaDB — along with the latest hardware advancements, cloud infrastructure, event streaming, and other data ecosystem elements.

Whether you want to discover the latest ScyllaDB advancements, hear how your peers are solving their toughest data-intensive application challenges, or explore the latest trends across the broader data ecosystem, we’ve got you covered.

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Featured Speakers

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Daniel Belenky

Principal Software Engineer, Palo Alto Networks

Avi Kivity

CTO and Co-founder, ScyllaDB

Bryan Cantrill

Co-founder and CTO of Oxide Computer

Event Schedule

Wednesday, February 9

8:00am PT - 3:00pm PT

Thursday, February 10

8:00am PT - 3:00pm PT


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