Reduce total cost of ownership without compromising performance

For teams working on data-intensive applications, the database can be a low-hanging fruit for significant cost reduction. If you’re working with data-intensive applications, the total cost of operating a highly-available database can be formidable – whether you’re working with open source on-premises, fully-managed database-as-a-service or anything in between. That “total cost” goes beyond the price of the database and the infrastructure it runs on; there’s also all the operational expenses related to database tuning, monitoring, admin, and so on to consider.

This paper looks at how teams can reduce that total cost of ownership by making 3 technical shifts:

  • Reduce node sprawl by moving to fewer, larger nodes
  • Reduce manual tuning and configuration by letting the database manage itself
  • Reduce infrastructure by consolidating workloads under a single cluster

Download the ScyllaDB White Paper

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