A fundamentally different approach to performance at scale

Legacy NoSQL databases were architected for a different age: a different (nascent) cloud, different hardware, different bottlenecks, and even different programming models. ScyllaDB was designed for this next tech cycle. With a fundamentally different approach to architecting a database, ScyllaDB harnesses the ever-increasing computing power of modern infrastructure.

As 400+ industry leaders like Comcast, Discord, Disney+, Crypto.com, Starbucks, and Zillow have experienced, this architecture has proven key for eliminating barriers to scale as data grows.

Read this paper to learn about ScyllaDB’s deep architectural advancements, including how it:

  • Drives both I/O and CPU processing in a way that scales linearly with the number of CPU cores
  • Allows each node to serve more data, enabling the use of smaller clusters with larger disks
  • Ensures low latencies for sensitive tasks while maximizing throughput and preserving SLAs
  • Continually monitors all operations and dynamically adjusts internal processors to optimize performance

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Beyond Legacy NoSQL:
7 Design Principles Behind ScyllaDB

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