Relative Merits of NoSQL vs NewSQL

The tradeoffs between relational SQL and non-relational NoSQL databases have become familiar. Relational databases provide strong consistency, but they can be difficult to scale. Non-relational databases scale more easily, but they generally offer less strict consistency guarantees. A new class of database, known as NewSQL, promises both strong consistency and the ability to scale.

In this paper, we compare Scylla, a highly available, distributed, best-of-breed NoSQL database, against the best-in-class NewSQL database, CockroachDB. This paper includes performance benchmarks that are, admittedly, apples-to-oranges comparisons – as the two databases utilize radically different architectures.

Read the whitepaper to learn:

  • An overview of the differences between NoSQL and NewSQL
  • Tradeoffs between Availability and Consistency
  • Architectural differences between NoSQL and NewSQL
  • YCSB Benchmark results for Scylla and CockroachDB

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NoSQL and NewSQL: A Comparison of Distributed Database Systems

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