Free 3-hour Masterclass

Designed for organizations migrating from SQL to NoSQL or optimizing any NoSQL data model, this masterclass will assist practitioners looking to advance their understanding of NoSQL data modeling. We’ll cover a range of topics, from building a solid foundation on NoSQL to correcting your course if you’re heading down a dangerous path.

You will learn how to:

  • Determine what data modeling approach will be most performant for your specific usage patterns
  • Apply common key-value and key-key-value (e.g., Amazon DynamoDB, Google BigTable, Apache Cassandra, ScyllaDB) data modeling strategies in the context of a sample application
  • Avoid the data modeling mistakes that have troubled some the world’s top engineering teams in production


Look forward to...

Hand-on learning

Live Q&As, in-session chat, quizzes, and games... thought this was going to be only about watching people talk? Think again.

Free swag & prizes

Attend live and enter to win an exclusive swag pack and complete the quiz for a certificate to display on your LinkedIn profile!

Bonus content

You’ll have access to all recordings and slides after the event, so you can go back and re-watch the sessions you didn’t catch live.

Schedule Hightlights

May 24

  • May 24 08:00AM–08:30AM PST

    Lounges Open

    Join throughout the day to meet with our technical experts and ask your toughest questions.

  • May 24 08:30AM–08:35AM PST

    Introduction & Housekeeping


    Tzach Livyatan
  • May 24 08:35AM–9:05AM PST

    1st Session: Foundations

    Introducing concepts & principles.

    Pascal Desmarets
  • May 24 09:10AM–09:40AM PST

    2nd Session: Exercises & optimizations

    Apply & extend core practices in a sample app

    Tzach Livyatan
  • May 24 9:40AM–10:10AM PST

    3rd Session: Top mistakes

    Real-world examples of data modeling gone wrong

    Felipe Cardeneti Mendes
  • May 24 10:10AM–10:40PM PST

    Speaker's Roundtable

    Group discussion with all three speakers

    Tzach Livyatan
    Pascal Desmarets
    Felipe Cardeneti Mendes
  • May 24 10:40AM–10:45AM PST

    Wrap-up and link to exam


Meet Your Instructors

Tzach Livyatan
Tzach Livyatan
VP Product

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Pascal Desmarets
Pascal Desmarets
CEO / Founder

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Felipe Cardeneti Mendes
Solutions Architect

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