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What Can You Do with the Fastest NoSQL Database?

ScyllaDB unleashes your existing infrastructure's performance so you can...

Handle 10x traffic spikes on Black Friday

Eliminate cache deployments

Get the most out of your data and run more queries

Flexibility model your data either as a wide column or key-value (K/V)

Shrink your NoSQL clusters to a fraction of what they were

Win more bids with consistently low latency

NoSQL Use Cases

ScyllaDB supports a wide variety of demanding key-value and wide column database use cases at massive scale.

Activity tracking and monitoring applications

Heavy read/write applications

Time-series applications

Real-time analytics

Product catalog and playlist management

Social application backend

Recommendation and personalization engine

Internet-of-things sensor data monitoring

Microservice-based pipeline backend

Highly-available storage embedded backend

Fraud detection and prevention

Messaging backend

ScyllaDB NoSQL Product Offerings

ScyllaDB Open Source

Get better, more consistent NoSQL performance and lower costs while maintaining the high availability traits and scale-out database designs of Apache Cassandra® and Amazon DynamoDB®

Download and install ScyllaDB Open Source on Docker, AWS, GCP, RHEL, CentOS, or Ubuntu, or compile the source from GitHub.

ScyllaDB Cloud

ScyllaDB Cloud (NoSQL DBaaS) is a cost-effective database-as-a-service that’s built on ScyllaDB Enterprise. API compatible with both Apache Cassandra and Amazon DynamoDB, ScyllaDB Cloud gives you access to fully managed ScyllaDB clusters with automatic backup, repairs, performance optimization, security hardening, 24*7 maintenance and support. Free Trial.

ScyllaDB Enterprise

We built our enterprise NoSQL database software from the ground-up in C++ to address the issues of node sprawl, inconsistent performance, administrative overhead and high costs of Apache Cassandra, Amazon DynamoDB.

ScyllaDB Enterprise includes a ScyllaDB Enterprise license, tested and certified binaries, cluster administration and task automation, hot fixes, 24/7 technical support, and ScyllaDB Manager.

Featured ScyllaDB NoSQL Whitepaper

SQL to NoSQL: Architecture Differences and Considerations for Migration

When and how to migrate data from SQL to NoSQL are matters of much debate. It can certainly be a daunting task, but when your SQL systems hit architectural limits or your cloud provider expenses skyrocket, it’s probably time to consider a move.

NoSQL Database Benchmarks

Selecting the best NoSQL database for your application is a business-critical task. That’s why we constantly compare ScyllaDB vs. other NoSQL databases for throughput and latency. Database latency determines your application speed, while database throughput defines how many users your application can service.

Apache Cassandra 4.0 vs Apache Cassandra 3.11 vs ScyllaDB Open Source 4.4

  • 2x – 4.5x better throughput than Cassandra 4.0
  • 3x-8x better throughput than Cassandra 4.0 while P99 < 10 ms
  • Completed admin tasks 2.5 to 4x faster than Cassandra 4.0
  • 4 ScyllaDB nodes matched the performance of 40 Cassandra 4.0 nodes

ScyllaDB vs DynamoDB – Database Benchmark

  • 20x better throughput in the hot-partition test
  • ScyllaDB Cloud is 1/7 the expense of DynamoDB when running equivalent workloads
  • ScyllaDB Cloud: Average replication latency of 82ms. DynamoDB: Average latency of 370ms.
  • ScyllaDB provides you freedom of choice with no cloud vendor lock-in.

ScyllaDB vs Bigtable – Database Benchmark

  • ScyllaDB Cloud performs 26X better than Google Cloud Bigtable when applied with real-world, unoptimized data distribution
  • Google BigTable requires 10X as many nodes to accept the same workload as ScyllaDB Cloud
  • ScyllaDB Cloud was able to sustain 26x the throughput, and with read latencies 1/800th and write latencies less than 1/100th of Cloud Bigtable

ScyllaDB vs CockroachDB – Database Benchmark

  • Loading 10x the data into ScyllaDB took less than half the time it took for CockroachDB to load the much lesser dataset.
  • ScyllaDB handled 10x the amount of data.
  • ScyllaDB achieved 9.3x the throughput of CockroachDB at 1/4th the latency

ScyllaDB NoSQL Resources

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