How to control costs and escape cloud vendor lockin

It’s easy to understand why so many teams have turned to DynamoDB. But as time goes on, drawbacks emerge – especially as use cases scale and business requirements evolve. Factors like lack of transparency into what the database is doing under the hood, the 400KB limit on item size, and slower-than-expected ramp up times for autoscaling cause frustrations. However, the vast majority of decisions to move off of DynamoDB boil down to two critical considerations: cost and cloud vendor lock-in.

This paper takes a closer look at those two major DynamoDB challenges, then presents a new approach to overcoming them – a technical shift with a simple migration path. You’ll learn:

  • The key factors that cause teams to experience DynamoDB bill shock
  • The technical risks associated with DynamoDB’s vendor lockin
  • Why and how organizations are moving beyond DynamoDB
  • How ScyllaDB (API-compatible with DynamoDB) and DynamoDB compare on price and performance

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