Free 3-hour Masterclass

Designed for organizations hoping to optimize database performance for an existing project or start a new one on the right foot, this masterclass sheds light on some commonly overlooked considerations that impact database performance at scale. We’ll cover a range of topics that will help you untangle the complexity of achieving database performance at scale – and help you discover some previously overlooked opportunities to optimize your own database performance.

You will learn how to:

  • Get the most out of a driver, particularly from the performance perspective, and select a driver that’s a good fit for your needs
  • Understand the impact of database internals – specifically, what to look for if you need latency and/or throughput improvements
  • Navigate the top performance challenges and tradeoffs that you’re likely to face with your project’s specific workload characteristics and technical/business requirements

Look forward to...

Hands-on learning

Live Q&As, in-session chat, quizzes, and games... thought this was going to be only about watching people talk? Think again.

Free swag & prizes

Attend live and enter to win an exclusive swag pack and complete the quiz for a certificate to display on your LinkedIn profile!

Bonus content

You’ll have access to all recordings and slides after the event, so you can go back and re-watch the sessions you didn’t catch live.

Schedule Hightlights

November 15

  • Nov 15 08:00AM–08:30AM PST

    Lounges Open


  • Nov 15 08:30AM–08:35AM PST

    Welcome & Housekeeping

    Felipe Mendes
  • Nov 15 08:35AM–9:10AM PST

    Session 1: Workload Characteristics

    Navigating workload-specific performance challenges and tradeoffs.

    Felipe Mendes
  • Nov 15 9:10AM–9:40AM PST

    Session 2: Database Internals

    What performance-minded engineers need to know.

    Pavel Emelyanov
  • Nov 15 9:40AM–10:10AM PST

    Session 3: Driver Strategies

    Understanding and tapping your driver’s performance potential.

    Piotr Sarna
  • Nov 15 10:10AM–10:40PM PST

    Speaker's Roundtable

    Group discussion with all three speakers.

  • Nov 15 10:40AM–10:45PM PST

    Wrap-up & Exam

Meet the instructors and authors

Felipe Cardeneti Mendes
Solutions Architect

Pavel Emelyanov
Pavel Emelyanov
Principal Engineer

Piotr Sarna
Piotr Sarna
Software Engineer