Discover critical considerations and best practices for improving database performance based on what has worked, and failed, across thousands of teams and use cases in the field. This book provides practical guidance for understanding the database-related opportunities, trade-offs, and traps you might encounter while trying to optimize data-intensive applications for high throughput and low latency.

Whether you are building a new system from the ground up or trying to optimize an existing use case for increased demand, this book covers the essentials:

  • Understand often overlooked factors that impact database performance at scale
  • Recognize data-related performance and scalability challenges associated with your project
  • Select a database architecture that’s suited to your workloads, use cases, and requirements
  • Avoid common mistakes that could impede your long-term agility and growth
  • Jumpstart teamwide adoption of best practices for optimizing database performance at scale


This 270-page book covers:

1: A Taste of What You’re Up Against: Two Tales
2: Your Project, Through the Lens of Database Performance
3: Database Internals: Hardware and Operating System Interactions
4: Database Internals: Algorithmic Optimizations
5: Database Drivers
6: Getting Data Closer
7: Infrastructure and Deployment Model
8: Topology Considerations
9: Benchmarking
10: Monitoring
11: Administration


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