The explosion of real-time digital business is driving a renewed focus on understanding and minimizing latency. However, many IT organizations fail to measure and address latency in a systematic way. In reality, application users never, or rarely, experience ‘average performance.’

In this paper, you will learn why it is a mistake to assume that “p99” means that only 1% of users experience that set of latencies, and how p99 (and higher) outlier latencies can actually have a disproportionate effect on the system as a whole.

Read the whitepaper to learn:

  • The limitations of common performance measuring techniques
  • Common causes of long tail latency
  • The effects of long tail latency on the business
  • The limitations of legacy NoSQL “scale out” approaches
  • How to fix latency issues with a new NoSQL approach
  • Tactics for winning the battle for low long tail latency in the real world


Download the ScyllaDB White Paper

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