ScyllaDB vs Apache Cassandra – Database Benchmark

After nearly six years of work, the engineers behind Apache Cassandra incremented its major version from 3 to 4. Six years encompasses almost an entire technology cycle, with new Java virtual machines, new system kernels, new hardware, new libraries, and even new algorithms. Progress in these areas presented the engineers behind Cassandra with an unprecedented opportunity to achieve new levels of performance. Did they seize it?

As the company behind ScyllaDB (a Cassandra-compatible open-source distributed database for data-intensive apps that require high performance and low latency), we were curious about Cassandra 4.0’s performance. Specifically, we wanted to understand how far Cassandra 4.0 performance advanced vs Cassandra 3.11— and how it compares to ScyllaDB Open Source 4.4.3. So we put them all to the test.

Read this paper to learn about the key database performance comparison findings when you compare Apache Cassandra vs ScyllaDB with respect to:

  • Throughput and latency with various distributions of data
  • Adding a new node
  • Doubling the cluster size
  • Replacing a single node
  • Performing a major compaction

Download the ScyllaDB White Paper

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